EveryoneAPI Integration – Server Side


3CX provides integration with EveryoneAPI via the 3CX API for CRM. The configuration is done server-side, in an easy and straightforward way. This integration provides these benefits to users of 3CX and EveryoneAPI:

  • Contact Synchronization – Inbound calls from external numbers trigger a contact lookup in your CRM, and contact details are added to 3CX Contacts. This way, the caller name is automatically shown in your phone display when you receive the call.
  • Call Pop-ups – When using the 3CX Web Client, the customer record is brought up to you automatically when you receive an inbound call.

This guide takes you through the steps required to setup EveryoneAPI with 3CX server-side.

3CX CRM Server-Side Configuration

General Settings

  1. Create an account with EveryoneAPI https://www.everyoneapi.com/sign-up
  2. Login to EveryoneAPI https://www.everyoneapi.com/login
  1. Go to the “Dashboard > Account Details”, and take note of the Account SID and Authentication Token.
  2. Login to the 3CX management console > “Settings > CRM Integration > Server Side” tab.
  3. Download the EveryoneAPI provider template from the “Available CRM Integrations” section.
  4. Select the EveryoneAPI integration from the dropdown list.
  1. Copy the Account SID and Auth Token in the respective fields.
  2. When you receive a call via the web client, a contact query is made to EveryoneAPI and the resolved name is displayed on the Web Client’s toaster.