Let our value proposition help you decide.

Companies can go in many directions when hiring a web site development firm.  The proposed solutions can be big or small, cheap or expensive.  Some clients need more and some clients need less.  We have a little different approach at Hyper Media.  Our solutions are built to give you the most features and functionality for the greatest value. We can help you determine exactly what you need now and what you will need in the future.  We will build a dynamic, high-impact professional web site for you that is easy to navigate and delivers on your expected goals.  All of our web sites are responsive in design, so they will be friendly to read on all mobile and desktop internet browsers.  We also use the most popular Content Management Solutions (CMS), so that you can edit your own web site if you wish.

We are also very familiar with many vertical markets, so chances are, we are more familiar with your business than even some of your own employees.  We can also help you build the following web sites:  Auctions Sites, Forum Sites, Intranet and Extranet Portals, Information Directories, File Share Sites, Classified Sites, Job Posting Sites and Boards, Mobile-Sites and Apps and so much more!

Interested in our methodologies and project handling process?  Please following our project outline below, for median to large projects.  Smaller projects are a bit more streamlined.  Also, please remember that we can do so much more than web development.  We can also handle many other technology needs, if you desire.

Read more below about our project steps for web site development.

Pre-Project - Preparation of brief of site requirements

  • Meet with client to determine needs
  • Create Brief for client with the following information
    • Objectives of site
    • Target audience
    • Look and feel
    • Functionality
    • Portable devices
    • Social media
    • Timescale for delivery
    • Hosting requirements
    • Content management
    • Ongoing maintenance
    • Analytics requirements
  • Present Brief

Proposal Stage - Presentation

  • Create Proposal Summary
    • Technical Specifications Outline
    • Site map
    • Outline budget
    • Hosting options
    • Draft schedule
    • Recommendations
  • Present Presentation

Agreement Stage - From client feedback

  • Finalize All Below Items
    • Recommendations
    • Budgets
    • Site map
    • Schedule
    • Review > Iterations
  • Client approval

Concept Stage - From client feedback

  • Finalize All Below Items
    • Create wire-frame guides
    • Design concept
    • User experience
    • Branding
    • Site navigation
    • Content display
    • Review > Iterations
  • Client approval

Development Stage

  • Finalize All Below Items
    • Client Supplies Draft Content
    • Template framework build – HTML, CSS
    • Implement CMS modules and components
    • Social media integration
    • Finalize design approach
  • Client approval

Build Stage

  • Finalize All Below Items
    • Create style sheets
    • Start section by section build, programming, content and supporting graphics
    • Build section content, then review
    • Build section content, then review
    • Build section content, then review
    • Build Completed
    • Create schedule for testing and browser conformity
  • Client approval

Testing Stage - From client feedback

  • Finalize All Below Items
    • Browser compatibility
    • Portable devices
    • Website resolutions
    • Testing functionality
    • Hosting review
  • Client approval

Go Live Phase

  • Finalize All Below Items
    • SEO
    • Google Analytics
    • Promotion
    • Marketing announcements
    • E-marketing
    • Database cleansing
    • CMS organization
  • Launch New Site

Maintenance Phase

Finalize All Below Items

  • Site maintenance
  • Content renewal/updating
  • Tracking statistics
  • User feedback
  • Performance reviews