Hyper Media Subsidiaries

Hyper Media promotes diversification of business structure in order to reinforce the performance and stability of each business unit within the entire Hyper Media Group.  Diversification greatly increases competitiveness while substantially improving individual sector profitability.  Our diverse and broad pool of talented and skilled professionals enables us to offer value that is unparalleled by our competitors while our diverse operation base ensures that your are partnered with a formidable and financially secure organization.  Hyper Media is proud to announce the below entities, each being a Wholly-Owned subsidiary of Hyper Media, Inc.

•  IPpbxHOST provides VoIP solutions in Data Centers throughout the world. We provide managed Windows and Linux instances and dedicated servers for VoIP installs, along with other services such as game servers, virtual desktops and much more.  We also specialize in 3CX VoIP platform hosting & service along with professional, certified support. Even our wholesale-priced plans include fully turn-key hosted 3CX PBXs and come with certified 3CX support engineers who are available to you. We provide either just the server hosting for your 3CX license OR fully hosted phone service including your calling plans, minutes, origination/termination, any required DIDs, E911, support, maintenance, backups and much more!

As of May 2020, IPpbxHOST is proud to report that we have 48 Data Centers worldwide.  We provide high-quality, low-latency cloud hosting to thousands of customers around the globe.  Please visit IPpbxHOST.com for more information.