3CX Call Reporting. Know What Happens with Every Call

Call Reporting is an important feature for any call center. How long do your agents spend on the phone? How many inbound and outbound calls do they make and receive? What is the overall performance of your queues? SLA statistics, unanswered calls, abandoned calls – the list goes on. All the above and more can be analyzed with 3CX’s Advanced Call Reporting feature.

Performance Reports

Knowing how well your call center agents perform is vital. Whether they’re slacking and other agents are doing all the work, or they’re performing exceptionally well and deserve a reward, having detailed data is crucial for their development. And the only way to gain this insight is by exporting call reports and analyzing the data.

  • User Activity Reports
  • Extension Statistics Reports
  • Average Talking Time
  • Call Distribution

Quality of Service Reports

It’s not only important to know if your agents are performing well on an individual level, but also how they work as a team. If a customer receives a poor level of service they won’t blame the agents; they’ll blame your company. You need to know if your customers are receiving the exceptional service you promised them and by using the call reporting feature in 3CX you will.

  • Queue Callbacks Reports
  • Statistic & Breaches SLA
  • Queue answered calls by wait time
  • Team Queue Calls