VoIP platform Features Comparison: Free Edition vs Commercial Editions




Price Free From $495 From $695
Support N/A From $210 From $210
Extensions Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Simultaneous Calls Supported 2 4->1,024 4->1,024


General Phone System Features
Call Logging
Call Reporting
Blind Call Transfer
Attended Call Transfer
Call Forward on Busy
Call Forward on No Answer
Call Routing (DID)
Call Routing (Caller ID)
Caller ID
Conference Calling
Conference Rooms
Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionist
Record New Voice Prompts From Phone
Music on Hold
Central Phonebook
Call by Name
Different Prompts for Holidays
Call Parking
Call Pickup
Call Queuing
Call Recording
MWI – Message Waiting Indicator
BLF Status Updates
Ring Extension and Mobile Simultaneously
Send Email Notifications for Missed Calls
Music on Hold Playlist or Line In
Dial Codes


Management and Scalability
Web-based Management Console
Configuration Wizard
Real Time Web-based System Status
Integrated Web Server
Backup and Restore
Firewall/NAT Friendly Configuration of External Extensions via Tunnel
Microsoft Windows Server Certified
Integrated Enterprise Database (PostgreSQL)
VMware / Hyper-V
Disable an Extension Temporarily
Management of Group Privileges
Unified Communications
Public SIP ID for Extensions
Advanced Forwarding Rules Based on Caller ID, Time & Type of Call
Receive Voice Mail via Email
Integrate Branch Offices with 3CX Bridge
Standards-based Presence Information
Integrated Fax Server
Receive Faxes via Email as PDF


Superior Mobility with 3CXPhone for Windows, Android and iPhone
CTI Support (Windows only)
Seamlessly Create Conference Calls
View Remote User Presence
Run as Presence Monitor in Combination with Desk phone (Windows only)
Allow Users to Configure their Own Extension Settings
Make and Receive Calls
Transfer Calls
Shows Incoming Calls
Shows Caller ID
Shows Personal Call History
Divert Calls to Voice Mail
Queue Monitoring (Windows only)
Shows Status of Other Extensions
Plug and Play Provisioning
Manage Forwarding Rules
Manage Softphones from Management Console
Auto Provisioning
Remote Configure
Includes Tunnel to Avoid NAT Problems
Tunnel All VoIP Traffic Over a Single Port


IP Phone Management *1
Automatic Phone Provisioning
Manage IP Phones Network Wide from Console
Plug and Play Support for Easy Deployment of IP Phones
Provision all Popular IP Phones with Correct Settings
Restart One or All Phones Remotely
Update Firmware on One or More IP Phones Network Wide
See Firmware Version of Phone


Call Center Features
Advanced Real Time Queue Statistics
Monitor Queue Status
Review Number of Callers in a Queue
Log Agents In and Out of Queues
Advanced Agent Statistics
Time an Agent Logged In/Out of the Queue
Review the Number of Answered/Unanswered Calls
Average and Longest Wait Time and More
Allow your Customers to Hang Up and Retain their Position in the Queue
The Customer is Called Back When an Agent Becomes Available
Call Back Notification Emails are Sent to the Supervisor
Round Robin Queue
Longest Waiting Queue
Least Talk Time Queue
Fewest Answered Queue
Hunt By Threes – Random Queue
Hunt By Threes – Prioritized Queue
SLA Alerts
Listen In / Whisper / Barge in
Ring / Hunt Groups


3rd Party Application Integration
TAPI Driver for Integration with Microsoft Outlook and TAP Applications
Microsoft Outlook
Salesforce Integration
SugarCRM Integration
Microsoft Dynamics Integration
HTTP API to Integrate with any Web CRM
Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010/2013 UM
Microsoft Exchange Contact Phonebook Integration
Microsoft Exchange Auto Attendant Integration


SIP Standards Support
Fully Supports RFC 3261
SIP Forking
Establish Standards-based SIP Trunks with other SIP Servers


Devices and Providers
Supports SIP Hardware Phones
Supports SIP Software Phones
Supports VoIP Gateways and Cards
Supports Popular SIP /VoIP Providers
SIP Trunking Support
Create Free Communication Links to Other 3CX Systems
Create Free Communication Links to Other SIP Servers


Codecs (Voice Compression)
G711 (a law and u law)
G729 *2


1.  Requires Valid Maintenance Agreement – First Year Free
2.  3CX Phone System 4 SC includes two G729 channels. 3CX Phone System 8 SC includes four G729 calls. 3CX Phone System 16 SC includes eight G729 calls and 3CX Phone System 32 SC includes sixteen G729 channels.
3.  Requires a Support Package