Does your business or operations need wireless internet?  It is a difficult task to find a flexible and functional Wireless Internet that can support day-to-day operations.  Our 4G LTE Wireless can do just that.

Hyper Media 4G LTE Wireless is a high performance fixed wireless platform enabling real-time 4G cellular data connectivity. Portable, with a powerful signal and capable of both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, the solution represents an excellent option for your office or small business.

4G LTE Wireless can be implemented as a fail-over network for the primary wide area network (WAN). Alternatively, the device can provide continuity as a reliable temporary solution while your property awaits fiber installation. The cost-effective platform ensures that when wired connections fail, are unavailable or non-existent, your service will remain live.

Looking for wireless access for a satellite office or do you need wireless fail-over for your main location?  Does your mobile staff need Internet Access?  We offer full 4G LTE internet starting at $50/mo.  This includes 20GB of data transfer.  50GB plans for just $100 per month.  Unlimited plans are $175 per month. Please contact us for more information.



Available Plans

20 GIG solution – Overage just throttled. Deployed in a matter of days. Create temporary links for construction sites, concerts, festivals, trade shows, and other short-term events. No wires. No problem. Wireless data transfer offers diversity and flexibility for any deployment.

50 GIG solution – Overage just throttled. Focused towards companies with slightly lower expected data usage. Ideal for small businesses requiring a reliable connection

Unlimited (Over 100GB possible subject to throttling, only top 3% consumed on node) – Dependable backup solution for your primary circuit. In the event of a primary network connection failure, our 4G LTE Wireless device provides an automatic fail-over solution. This ensures network redundancy without the need for cable modems or other broadband connections.

The Benefits

Rapid Installation – With no need to lay cables or set up dedicated point-to-point access, we can have LTE Wireless up and running in under a week.

Business Continuity – Capable of acting as a fail-over for your primary network or providing a reliable temporary solution, ensure your day-to-day operations are unaffected.
Broad Compatibility

LTE Wireless is compatible with both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections and supports all standard desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

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